Digital Assistant for Hire

If your digital data and services access organization looks like this

Let’s get a little help from you digital assistant to get on the way for this :

Even if it does not jump directly to your eyes every moment, your digital files and other services can become year s after years a complete jungle instead of the nice and well kept garden it was in the beginning.

If you lucky enough to be able to retrieve stuff in a jungle maze, good for you, for the other it is a painful process to search every time and worse, sometime, not even looking at the last up to date document version, yielding to a huge waste of time and inefficiency.

What are the things to look at :

  1. Backups, of your important data
  2. Emails
  3. Address books
  4. Photos
  5. Music
  6. Contracts with service providers (Internet, Cell phone, TV, Cloud…)